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Chef's Special


Roast asparagus with Spanish ham and parmesan chees and poached egg
16,00 pln


Cold soup with watermelon and lime
12,00 pln

Main courses

Tenderloin cooked Sous-Vide with wild garlic and buttery asparagus served with potatoes and thyme sauce
30,00 pln


Strawberry and raspberry sorbet served with chocolate and fruits mousse
14,00 pln




Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, arugula, truffle oil and cashew nuts pesto
25,00 pln

Ravioli with shripm in serrano souce with parmesan cheese
24,00 pln


Smoked tiger's shrimps with pepper salsa, salad mix and fruit bisque
25,00 pln


Beef tartar: onion, pickled cucumber, lard plum, truffle oil, becon, Dijon mustard, butter, egg yolk, lemon, pickled mushrooms
28,00 pln



Tatar with herring with red onion jam, blueberry mousse and compressed cucumber
16,00 pln



The duo cream of Italian pomodoro and green pees served with croutons caprese shish kebab
14,00 pln


Spicy fish soup with rice noodles and tiger's shrimps
12,00 pln


Cream soup of baked tomato with basil oil and powder of pumpkin seed
12,00 pln

Royal chicken and beef soup served with dumplings
11,00 pln


Main courses

Grilled seasoned rib eye with seasonal vegetables with pesto, roasted potatoes with dill and garlic butter
55,00 pln

Roasted beef steak with chanterelle salad, rosemary potatoes and truffle and honey butter
55,00 pln

Slowly cooked duck brest with blueberry purre, vegetable's ratatouille and cherry's souce
42,00 pln


Tenderloin cookes Sous Vide with black rice, compressed pinapple and orange-tomato souce
38,00 pln


Salmon sous-vide with black rice and shrimps

32,00 pln


Fitness dishes

Chicken fillet cooked Sous Vide with wholegrain pasta and stewed zucchini
20,00 pln

"Pęczotto" with beetroot on white wine
20,00 pln


Chicken salad with broccoli and almonds
20,00 pln


Meals for children

Chicken nuggets with fries and spring salad
14,00 pln

Pancakes with maple syrup and fruit ice cream
12,00 pln




Capricciosa – tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, herbs
22,00 pln
Hawaiian - tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, pineapple, pepper
23,00 pln

Gonzo – tomato sauce, cheese, salami, green olives, pepper, onion
23,00 pln


Pastes and Flour dishes 

Red fettuccine with lamb, mushrooms and rosemary oil
28,00 pln


Tagliolini al Nero di Seppia with crunchy tiger prawns, celery and crayfish butter
26,00 pln


Spaghetti carbonara with parmesan cheese
22,00 pln



Russian dumplings with gravy and sour cream
17,00 pln





Salad with beef sirloin and roasted beetroot with chives mayonnaise and olive oil
30,00 pln


Salad with duck breast marinated in smoked paprika and orange with pears and honey-mustard sauce
28,00 pln


Salad Cezar with chicken, bacon and toast
22,00 pln


Salad with melon - mix melon salad, compressed cucumber, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad and balsamic vinegar
22,00 pln




Suzette pancakes with halva ice cream
18,00 pln

Sorbet with champagne and lime
14,00 pln

Brownie z owocami
15,00 pln

Chocolate cake with pickled pinapple and champagne sorbet
16,00 pln

Chocolate soufflé with mashed strawberry, white chocolate and ice cream
14,00 pln

Cup of ice cream with seasonal fruits
17,00 pln


Hot Beverages

Coffee Americano 7,00 pln
Coffee Latte 9,00 pln
Cappuccino coffee 8,00 pln
Espresso 6,00 pln
Doppio 9,00 pln
Hot chocolate 7,00 pln
Tea Dilmah 6,00 pln


Fresh Juice 300 ml 10,00 pln
Fresh Juice 300 ml 12,00 pln
Coca Cola, Tonic Kinley Sprite, Fanta 200 ml 4,00 pln
Sparkling water or Still water 200 ml 3,00 pln
Juice Tymbark (orange, apple, black currant, grapefruit, tomato, multivitamin)
Tiger 250 ml 6,00 pln
Red Bull 250 ml 8,00 pln


Perła Chmielowa beer 0,5 l 7,00 pln
Perła Chmielowa beer 0,3 l 5,00 pln
Perła Chmielowa 0,5 l 8,00 pln
Perła Export 0,5 l 8,00 pln
Perła Niepasteryzowana 0,5 l 8,00 pln
Zwierzyniec 0,5 l 8,00 pln
Żywiec 0,5 l 8,00 pln
Zwierzyniec 0,33 l 6,00 pln
Bottled Polish lager 0,33 l 6,00 pln
Paulaner beer 0,5 l 9,00 pln
Mulled Beer 12,00 pln



Hennessy V.S. 4 cl 20,00 pln 
Stock 84 XO 4 cl 15,00 pln
Stock 84 4 cl 9,00 pln
Metaxa*** 4 cl 10,00 pln
Metaxa***** 4 cl 15,00 pln 
Chivas Regal 18 years 4 cl 25,00 pln
Gentleman Jack 4 cl 20,00 pln
Jack Daniels 4 cl 16,00 pln
Jack Daniels Honey 4 cl 16,00 pln
Johnnie Walker BL 4 cl 15,00 pln
Johnnie Walker RL 4 cl 10,00 pln
Ballantines 4 cl 10,00 pln
The Famous Grouse 4 cl 10,00 pln 
Bacardi 4 cl 12,00 pln
Bacardi Black 4 cl 12,00 pln
Malibu 4 cl 10,00 pln
Lubuski 4 cl 8,00 pln
Gordon’s Gin 4 cl 10,00 pln 
Southern Comfort 4 cl 10,00 pln
Baileys 4 cl 10,00 pln
Jägermeister 4 cl 10,00 pln
Kahlua 4 cl 12,00 pln 
Campari bitter 4 cl 10,00 pln
Martini (bianco, rosso, dry, rosato) 10 cl 9,00 pln 
Grey Goose 4 cl 15,00 pln
Stock Prestige 4 cl 6 pln
Maximus 4 cl 6 pln
Finlandia 4 cl 9 pln
Żołądkowa Gorzka De Luxe 4 cl 5 pln 
Tequila el Jimador Blanco 4 cl 14,00 pln
Tequila el Jimador Reposado 4 cl 14,00 pln 
Żołądkowa Gorzka Tradycyjna 4 cl 5,00 pln
Żołądkowa Gorzka z Miętą 4 cl 5,00 pln
Żołądkowa Gorzka z Miodem 4 cl 5,00 pln
Żurawinówka Lubelska 4 cl 5,00 pln
Wiśniówka Lubelska 4 cl 5,00 pln
Cytrynówka Lubelska 4 cl 5,00 pln
Mojito 16,00 pln
rum, sprite, mięta 
Margarita 18,00 pln
tequila, grenadina, limonka 
Martini drink 19,00 pln
vermouth, gin 
Tequila sunrise 16,00 pln
tequila, grenadina, sok pomarańczowy 
Blue Lagone 18,00 pln
wódka, blue curacao, cytryna 
Malibu 18,00 pln
rum, sok pomarańczowy 
Wino czerwone
VTCYL Hiszpania 150 ml / 750 ml
Face to Face Tempranillo 9,00 pln / 42,00 pln
Wino białe
VTCYL Hiszpania 150 ml / 750 ml
Face to Face Verdejo 9,00 pln / 42,00 pln 
 Mulled Wine 12,00 pln
wino, goździki, cynamon, sok imbirowy, sok malinowy, pomarańcza 
Pełna oferta win jest dostępna w karcie win 
Lubelski – półtorak 100 ml / 12,00 pln
Dominikański – dwójniak 100 ml / 9,00 pln
Staropolski – trójniak 100 ml / 7,00 pln
Bon Appetit!!!